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Books by Dr. Avital


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Can There Be Forgiveness For The Holocaust?

Dr. Avital presents reasons why the perpetrators of the Holocaust cannot be granted forgiveness for all their evilness, neither by living survivors, nor by any other living person. Dr. Avital stands strong by his view that no one has the right to forgive a murderer for torturing and taking the life of his victim.

During the Holocaust period, many of the civilians in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as well as from other countries, collaborated in the annihilation of the Jews who had been their peaceful neighbors for many centuries.

Hope, Faith and Resilience
What the Germans Couldn't Take From Us

Faith in God empowered the people who were caught up in the Holocaust with enormous strength. Even after all the atrocities and suffering they experienced firsthand and witnessed, many of the victims and survivors never faltered in their belief that the Jewish spirit would triumph. How could it be that something intangible, hop and faith, would be the most powerful weapons of response for the prisoners against the evil Germans?

In this book, Dr. Moshe Avital, a survivor who stood for selection in front of Mengele in Auschwitz, examines this question and many others, providing poignant observations. 

Dr. Avital delves into the many questions of God's role in the Holocaust. His research and commentary helps us to see that even though we do not understand God's ways, He never abandoned His people. 


A prolific author of 15 other books, Dr. Avital presents the subject of the Holocaust in the proper perspective for the new generations to strengthen their spirit and foster in them moral values as well as courage, hope, and faith. 

The Role and Status of Women in Jewish Tradition

Every page of the Bible, every page of Jewish history, every paragraph in Jewish law, every word in Jewish tradition, every household, both past and present, and Jewish life in its totality are a clear testimony of the high esteem and high position held by the Jewish woman throughout the centuries up to this day. 

In this Book, The Role and Status of Women in Jewish Tradition, Dr. Moshe Avital presents an in-depth examination of the subject and discusses changes relating to Jewish women that have been made in halacha (Jewish law). 


Just as no one dreamed a century ago that a time would come when Jewish women would study Judaic Studies curriculum similar to that of Jewish men, Dr. Avital forsees other changes likey to occur in the near future in the Jewish communities in Israel, America and elsewhere regarding the role and status of Jewish women. 

Dr. Avital examines issues that have not been resolved, and studies solutions that, on the one hand, keep the basic traditions intact, but on the other, serve Jewish society by considering the woman's spiritual needs and individual aspirations. 

Not To Forget, Impossible to Forgive

Not To Forget, Impossible To Forgive is the heroic story of a young Jewish boy's survival in the Nazi concentration camps, as well as an analysis of the Nazi era. At 14, Moshe Avital and his family were expelled from their hometown, Bilke, Ruthenia, in Czechoslovakia to the Ghetto Beregszasz. In this book, Not To Forget, Impossible To Forgive, Dr. Avital tells about his unique family of thirteen personalities. He describes their aspirations and accomplishments, their suffering and cruel deaths. Dr. Avital presents extraordinary testimony, bringing to light many unknown facts of the Holocaust era. He provides psychological, philosophical, and theological analyses and reflections regarding the perpetrators of the Holocaust. He takes to task the individuals, organizations, and nations who committed horrific atrocities against the Jewish people. Dr. Avital's observations and conclusions come with poignancy and authority, supported by his firsthand experiences in the Holocaust and his educational background.


And There Was Courage

At the start of World War II, the Jews of Europe were not prepared for armed resistance against the Germans and their collaborators. Armed resistance by Jews, prior to the Holocaust, had been the exception, not the rule. Once the Jews in the ghettos and the concentration camps understood the German plan of annihilation, they began to resist, which took many forms - spiritual, moral, individual, collective, and finally armed resistance. In this book, "And There Was Courage", Dr. Moshe Avital brings to light many unknown heroic stories of strength of the Jewish spirit shown by our brethren during the Holocaust. Miraculous revelations of survival, human greatness, incredible dignity and heroism flow through these stories - stories of inspiration that we can draw from those bitter years, stories of triumph of the few over the many adversaries.


One can learn from these stories what determination, hope, and human values can achieve. Dr. Avital's collection presented in this volume makes it very clear that side by side with submission by millions of Jews, there was defiance, sacrifice, courage, and heroism. Dr. Avital's observations and conclusions are delivered with poignancy and authority supported by his first-hand experiences in the Holocaust and his educational background.

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